Experimenta Utopia Now @ MPRG

12 May - 19 June

This exhibition is an international show pre-organized and randomly enough is being shown at Mornington Peninsula Reginal Gallery.

Even though I said I would try to stick to solo/duo shows, this exhibition is extraordinary and is literally around the corner from me, I do have show great shows planned for next week. so hopefully I will be updating more frequently. Just to also note I am still relatively new to writing and blogging so the first few weeks I am merely just cutting my teeth and these very big and commercial exhibitions. Better stuff later I promise.  

There is a collective presence both foreboding and intrinsically curious about the future; in regards to social chnage and interaction. Collectively it is brilliant the large gallery space is dimmed.

As I will only write on a few pieces since there was so much content and my head hurts

The standout piece by Isobel Knowles and Van Sowerwine, You Were In My Dream 2010 is incredible the interactive stop motion piece. constructed of felt   and feathers you chose your own story, transforming into various animals and it’s own soundtrack.

I found the website were you can try it yourself. DO IT

My only problem is as the piece is contained within a self contained box, it’s not entirely clear what it is you should be doing, and i may have required someone to point it out to me, something so crowd pleasing and is

Another piece I loved was in the lobby and I nearly mistook it for furnishing was by a french duo called Scenocosme, their piece entitled Akousmaflore. A group of potted vines hanging from above that react audibly to touch, I’m not sure how the technology of this works (maybe to do with our bodies electricity??…) but was quite delightful to play around with and definitely works into the Utopian theme by directly creating a work blending in seamlessly with the foyer yet be the magical unknown ‘creature’.

Sorry it’s not very long or good, but I have a flu sickness  plus moving house and just want to get an update up. Next week there will be many more and much better content.